An upcycled, earth-friendly performance leather offering.


What is LeatherPlus?

Enduratex, long known and recognized for providing the marketplace with superior performance upholstery products, is entering the leather category with a new product offering, LeatherPlus.

LeatherPlus is an earth-friendly, leather-derived and upcycled leather collection. The process of upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the transformation of by-products, waste materials and unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for environmental value.

In the case of upcycling and LeatherPlus, leather waste is diverted from landfills and transforms shaving, trimmings and leather processing waste
into refined leather fiber, which is manufactured into usable goods, in this case a product that looks and feels like real leather but with an even better
performance story.

The process is able to deliver a 96 percent yield, making it an intelligent solution and an earth-friendly product.

"LeatherPlus is a marketer’s dream. The value proposition is so clear: engineered performance, environmental sustainability and better manufacturing yield. LeatherPlus actually improves nature’s performance,”


How It's Made

Step 1: Raw Hides

Blue hide shavings and trimmings are collected from leather processing plants and tanneries to prepare for refining into leather fiber.

Step 2: Leather Fiber

  • Raw leather hides are processed into usable cotton-like fibers.

  • The leather fibers are then treated to make them just as strong as performance leather.

  • These fibers are then mixed with enhanced synthetic fiber for extra performance.

Step 3: Woven Fibers

  • Leather fibers are interlinked using a needle-punch power water system.

  • Woven fibers are then tumble-dried.

  • The woven leather fabric is then brushed to make the fibers stand up.

Step 4: Surface Coating

  • Solvent-free Polyurethane is then crosslinked into the leather fabric and heated between 194-212 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • The polyurethane surface allows for coloring and embossing.

  • This rare and unique manufacturing process leaves LeatherPlus at being around 70 percent leather.

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