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Vinyl Institutes Key Takeaways from 2017

Key Takeaways from 2017

This year, the vinyl industry focused on continuously improving the industry and its perception. Here is one takeaway the Vinyl Institute both learned and reaffirmed:

Sustainability is a continuous improvement process.

In 2016, the vinyl industry took a leadership role by bringing together all facets of the vinyl value chain into a collaborative, self-funded business council called the Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council (VBSC). As 2017 comes to a close, this is just one step in a continuous improvement plan. At the 2017 Vinyl360, vinyl industry insiders received an exclusive first look at the results of the industry-wide materiality analysis, discussed the research and its implications, and began to formulate next steps for addressing key hotspots. As we enter 2018, we invite you to engage with the VBSC to stay up-to-date on the next steps of our continuous improvement process.

Safety is the cornerstone of the vinyl industry.

The Vinyl Institute (VI) announced the recipients of its health, safety, and environmental awards, which are given to U.S. and Canadian companies in the vinyl industry for improving worker safety and protecting the environment. This year, VI recognized 43 facilities for outstanding performance. Safety is the cornerstone of the North American vinyl industry. For nearly four decades the vinyl resin industry has designed and implemented worker safety best practices and new technologies that continuously improve our facilities’ health, safety, and environmental performance. VI recently talked with employees at one member companyabout their commitment to safety and what it means to them, their families and their community. In 2018, we plan to continue to celebrate the vinyl industry supply chain as companies prioritize the safety of their workers and the environment.

Compiled from http://act.vinyladvocacy.com/site/MessageViewer?dlv_id=6461&em_id=2861.0