How it Works

Forbid is not just a surface treatment but is uniquely cross-linked into the vinyl's structure, allowing the vinyl to be cleaned over and over again.

Forbid topcoat takes Enduratex™ vinyl to the next level of excellence providing maximum stain resistance and protection!

Take the FORBID Challenge

Even though vinyl is inherently more cleanable than other fabrics and has long been known for superior performance, some stains are hard to repel or get out. That’s where Forbid comes in! 

A graffiti resistant topcoat that preserves upholstery integrity, luster and softness. Ink, sharpie, lipstick, red wine, coffee or indigo dye are simply no match for Forbid. Enduratex™  is known for providing superior vinyl coated fabrics to the Automotive, Hospitality, Marine, Healthcare and Spa industries.





Take the FORBID challenge!

Finally, a stain resistant topcoat that preserves the aesthetic beauty of your upholstery.

The Enduratex™ care guide addresses the performance of Forbid products as indicated in product testing, conducted under laboratory conditions. Results may vary under actual conditions.

The information contained in the care guide is not a guarantee and does not relieve the user of the responsibility of proper and safe use of a product and the use of recommended cleaning agents. The use of certain agents has been found to be harmful to the surface appearance and lifespan of vinyl, please familiarize yourself with those substrates for best results.

Enduratex™ topcoat, FORBID, is resistant to most common stains; however, existing dyes and pigments in some staining agents have been seen to create a permanent stain if not properly treated in a timely manner.

Enduratex™ maintains the highest vinyl production standards. Anomalies may occur during the finishing if the vinyl comes into contact with incompatible forms.

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